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What should I do about a wrong address?
UPDATED 4-13-10
If you are concerned about the Treasurer's Web site showing an incorrect property address, please be aware that, when the county changed computer systems and began the Web site a few years ago, there were some problems with the mailing addresses for parcels in the old system being transferred to show as the "Property Address" that shows directly under the deeded owner's name on the parcel's Property Information screen. For many parcels, this "Property Address" on the Web site may therefore be wrong because the owner may have requested that the tax statement be mailed to an address that is not the same as the actual property address. The Auditor's Office is striving to get these inaccuracies corrected, but they must do it one parcel at a time, and this will take some time to complete. If, however, you go to the county's GIS Web site at, you can readily obtain the correct property address, since that Web site uses a different software that was not subject to the same problems that the Auditor/Treasurer software was when the Web site was initiated.

If the address on the GIS Web site is not the correct address, or if you need to get your address changed for any reason, please contact the Auditor's Office to do an address change. Since changing addresses can have a drastically negative effect on a taxpayer's Homestead Exemption, and the Auditor is responsible for maintaining both addresses and exemptions, it only makes good sense to go to them for any address change. Otherwise, an unwanted change in exemption status might happen at the same time that an address change is made.

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